Saturday 18th November 2017 sees the 9th annual spectacular of hundreds of fully suited Santas running, dancing and walking through Rochester High Street, bringing a joyful smile to faces of Rochester's Christmas shoppers.

This year we're expecting over 1000 Santa clad participants enjoying a fun family event and raising funds for the Rotary Club of Medway Children's Hospice Holidays.

Entry is just £10 per person (£7.50 for under 12's), for which we provide a Santa outfit plus a medal for finishers. There's also a FREE buffet in The Crown after the run, for all registered Santas. So come on, get your friends together. Let's top the £10,000 raised last year and enjoy a HO HO HO day in Rochester.

The route is from Boley Hill Car Park to Almon Place, then to the Crown Freehouse at the bridge end of the High Street before returning via the High Street in the opposite direction to Boley Hill Car Park. In total the route is approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) in total.

Many do not run the route, instead opting to take a leisurely stroll through the High Street enjoying the sights, sounds and party atmosphere generated by the event, walking a ‘dressed up’ dog or pushing a wheelchair – The Santa Charity Fun Run is a FUN event open to everyone.

The parade of Santas, from the meeting point at Boley Hill Car Park to Almon Place, is a distance of approximately ¼ a mile (0.4 km). The parade is a leisurely stroll allowing all Santas to acknowledge the waving crowds and lots of photo opportunities with the local press and those who have turned out to support the event.

The Route
The Santa Charity Fun Run

In 2009 the Rotary Club of Medway created the Children's Hospice Holidays Charity. The function of the charity is to take terminally ill children to visit EuroDisney for a holiday with their family and their team of carers and physicians who would be on hand to support the children and their family.

The Santa Charity Fun Run was established by the Rotary Club of Medway after observing the success of similar events around the country. The vision was to stage an enjoyable "FUN" event that was open to everyone of all ages that at the same time would raise funds for the Rotary Club of Medway's Children's Hospice Holidays Charity while being affordable for everyone that wanted to take part. The first running of the event in 2009 saw 100 people don the famous red suit and run, jog and walk along Rochester in the name of Fun and Charity.

To date, from small beginnings the Rotary Club of Medway Santa Charity Fun Run has raised over £50,000 and has helped the Children's Hospice Holidays Charity take over 55 terminally Ill children and their carers to enjoy the wonders of EuroDisney.

Last year over 1200 people took part in the Santa Charity Fun Run. The Rotary Club of Medway handed out well over 550 medals to those that completed the run, though it is believed many did not make the finish line, instead taking the opportunity whilst travelling the route to visit one of the many distractions along the course re-enforcing the vision of a FUN day for all.