(i) I agree to abide by the rules of the event. I understand that I enter the run at my own risk and that no persons or organisation will be held responsible for any accident injury or loss to myself prior to during or after the run.

(ii) I understand that the organisers reserve the right to alter the arrangements and conditions should circumstances dictate.

(iii) Children under 12 years old MUST be supervised by an adult.

(iv) You are solely responsible for any additional delivery charges should there be an error in the delivery address entered onto the online form.

(v) You are solely responsible for any additional non-delivery and return charges if no one is available to accept delivery once a date and delivery time is agreed between you and the delivery company.

(vi) If you have entered more than one entrant you agree to take responsibility for communicating the terms and conditions to every member of your group.

(vii) In case of Emergency or significant changes to the event or in case of cancellation of the event where we deem it is not sufficient to contact you by email you agree we can contact you by telephone on the telephone number you have supplied as part of the event registration form.

(viii) If for some unforeseen reason you require a refund for all or part of your entry, please call us on 07847 733992 or email us on info@santafunrun.net. Irrespective of how you registered we do NOT offer online refunds. Unfortunately we cannot make refunds if the individual plastic wrap Santa Suit package is opened.